Ta (tataray) wrote,

In between.

I don’t like November. It is my worst month of a year.
Unlike October, highlighted by golden red pattern and soft beauty of sunsets ,or December, with all that Christmas madness and “jingle bells” from every corner and pretty lights that make me feel I am in fairy land, November is definition of dullness.
This month has nothing to offer; days are shrinking fast, the sky is grey, the trees a naked and look hostile, the rain is particularly annoying : it’s either drizzles and air is soaked with water or drenches you through. Even jolly Christmas lights in November drive me mad; why on earth now, it’s still at least 2 weeks of autumn! I can’t ride my bike - too dark, damn you November!
It grips and squeezes me so hard, I almost pause my living.
The cat and a bottle of jack daniels are my friends for next two weeks. And a couple of books.
I hope to survive once again.

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