Ta (tataray) wrote,

I am back

I considered writing to MyDearDiary for a while.
I was starting and crossing posts inside of my skull,very thoughtful or sophisticated (pick any, I had them all) posts. And every time I was thinking: will it become a habit, or even obsession again. Would I need to write something every day, like telling the story, sharing moments and so on. That frightened me. I was on that isolated island, overwhelmed by luck of communication for far too long. The world has changed since, became barely recognisable and mostly pointless for a dinosaur from 80s, like I am.
But then I thought: maybe it doesn’t really matter. I am not writing to anyone, the whole point is - it’s addressed to the Diary, virtual friend that I had and trusted for decades. I missed you, so I am back, MyDearDiary.
I chose English because I am preparing for GCSE, so if you spot a mistake - please tell me .
Although I totally expect that nobody will read me, and I am more than ok with it.
I am still happy just to be back.

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