February 2nd, 2019

happy day

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  Watching "Titans" on netflix. One of the characters has been sent on the mission to wander around an art exhibition and improve his small talk skill. Eventually, a classic hipster approaches to him and says something like "Amazing vision of reality, isn't it?" The character started a monologue about how he knew the author since she was a child, how she got he first camera, how she... The hippster says "Excuse me" and relocates himself to friendly small talking group of people.
  Just like me at parties, the character looks lost and out of place.
Risotto is amazing. A bottle of wine you are openning for cooking makes your cooking so much more fun.
On Friday I stepped from the train into a time machine. Fluffy snowflakes were falling from the heaven backet with such a generosity, gently covering everything in white cold fluff, i felt like a child. 10 years old, catching snowflakes with my tongue, making little snowballs and jumping over melted mash on th pavements. Love it.